Anavros Park is a cradle of art and culture by the sea. In the park there is a laboratory of experimental archaeology, modeled on the Neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini.

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The Cultural Center of Metaxourgio Etmektzoglou was founded in the refugee settlement of Nea Ionia Volos, in the place where the father of the Asia Minor refugees George and Athanasios Etmectzoglou originally had a silk mill and a silkfarm.

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The Nikolaos & Spyridon Tsalapata Brickwork Museum is housed in the old Tsalapata brick and tile factory which was one of the largest of its kind, in Greece.

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The City Museum is the only museum of contemporary life and culture in Greece.

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The Entomological Museum in Volos is one of its kind in Greece and the largest and most complete private entomological museum in the Balkans.

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The Giorgio de Quirico Art Center is named after the Italian painter Giorgio de Quirico (1888-1978) who was born in Volos .

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"House with the Rose" is the home where the painter Chrysoula Zogia lived and created most of her masterpieces.

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The Kitsos Makris Folklore Center is housed in the residence of the folklore artist (1917-1988), at 38 Kitsos Makris Street, which, at his own request, was bequeathed to the University of Thessaly after his death.

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The Natural History Museum of Volos, was founded in 2012 and is the only museum of its kind in the region of Thessaly.

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The Neolithic settlement of Dimini is located on a low hill, 5 km from Volos, on the northwestern outskirts of today's village of Dimini.

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The Neolithic settlement of Sesklo is located 15 km from the city of Volos, on the Kastraki hill and the surrounding area, near the present village of Sesklo.

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The Papastratos Tobacco Warehouse, located on the eastern end of Volos Port, on the Argonauts coastal road, is undoubtedly one of the most important landmarks of the city.

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The castle of Paleon is located at the western entrance of the modern city of Volos and occupies an area of about 60 acres.

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On the Eastern side of Argonauts Street is the park of Aghios Konstantinos which leads to the magnificent Church of Aghios Konstantinos, on the esplanade.

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The leafy hill of Goritsa lies in the southeast of the city of Volos and is a natural small hill about 200 meters above sea level.

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Aghios Konstantinos's Park is the former George's Square, which was remodeled into a recreational park in the 1920s by architect N. Kitsikis.

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The Volos Archaeological Museum, also known as the Athanasakeio Archaeological Museum, is one of the oldest museums in Greece.

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The Volos Railway Museum or the Thessaly Railway Museum (as it is more commonly known) is housed on the first floor of the Volos Railway Station building.

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