Built between two slopes with an incredible view over the Pagasetic Gulf, right beneath Pelion’s peak (Evzonas or Schitzouravli), lies one of the most picturesque villages of the mountain, Aghios Georgios Nileias. It is an old main village, only 20 kilometers east of Volos, 700 meters high, on an amphitheatrical spot overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. Despite its beauty and its rich cultural heritage, it has not yet attracted much attention, preserving thus its traditional characteristics.

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If your way leads you to Pelion and you wish to see a wholly traditional village, as if from another nostalgic and pure time, come to Aghios Lavrentios. Built on the southern slopes of Pelion, 600 meters high and only 19 kilometers away from Volos, it will mesmerize older generations with its countryside reminiscent of the 60’s and the younger by teaching them authenticity and tradition.

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Agria: the closest getaway for Volos residents and for every visitor!

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If you end up in Pelion and wish to see something different other than typical Pelion scenery, then the time has come for you to visit Ano Lechonia. Built 150 meters high, it is almost a lowland village of West Pelion, 11 kilometers away from Volos to the southeast and only 1 kilometer from the sea. It is a prolific place that produces fruit, mainly the famous pears, olives and vegetables. Its name derives possibly from the word lech, Slavic for lowland, or from the name of a ruler called Lechonas; another possibility, according to local people’s beliefs, is that the land is so fertile that can produce anything a woman who just gave birth (Greek: λεχώνα [lechona]) might crave.

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Argalasti is 40 kilometers away from Volos. It is a traditional main village and head of Southern Pelion municipality. It is built on a prolific plateau, 250 meters high, surrounded by olive groves and wilderness. Its name derives from the words «arga» (slow) and «elavno» (march) because, according to tradition, this is where Jason’s Argo passed from on the way to Colchis. Another narrative says that the name is a result of paraphrasing the Turkish word «rast», which means forgiveness.

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If you wish to experience the ultimate traditional hospitality, and taste the beauty of mountain nature, then you must visit Chania. 1,200 meters high and only 26 kilometers away from Volos, the highest village of Magnesia Prefecture is waiting for you to discover it. It owes its name to the old inns (Greek: χάνια), where travelers and merchants stayed while transporting their products from Volos to the villages of East Pelion and vice versa. Chania is an ideal destination for snow lovers and winter adventures, and for those who look for cool weather in the summer.

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On the eastern side of Pelion, you will see Chorefto, a coastal settlement alongside one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in the area. It is the seaport of Zagora, as it is only 9 kilometers away from this main village of Pelion. The distance from the city of Volos is about 55 kilometers; however, you will need over an hour to get there, because of the winding road. But the image one sees, with the centuries-old plane trees decorating the coastal road of the settlement and the large beach with the thin sand, makes the drive worth it.

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If you want to swim in turquoise water onone of the most unique beaches in the world then you must visit Fakistra. The beach is in eastern Pelion, about 5 kilometers away from Tsagkarada village. It is a small natural gulf with sand and small pebbles surrounded by stiff rocks and dense vegetation. The green-blue water combined with its wild beauty have made it known worldwide, occupying the 7th position amongst the 50 best beaches in the world, according to a list published by The Guardian.

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One of Pelion’s most stunning touristic seaside villages is Horto. The seaport of Argalasti which stands out for its sensational natural beauty lies on the coastline of the Pagasetic Gulf, and it is about 46 kilometers away from Volos. The settlement is built on a small cove, which is surrounded by olive groves spreading all the way to the sea.

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If you go to Pelion, and if you feel mesmerized by mountain vacation spots, don’t miss out on the enchantment of Kala Nera. It is one of the most popular coastal places of West Pelion that owes its name to the abundant running and particularly digestive water (Greek: νερό – nero =water) sprinkling from tens of fountains in the village. It is a junction between Volos, which is only 20 kilometers away, and East Pelion, and it is a beautiful little village by the sea. It is one of the most touristically developed villages with all kinds of accommodation options, restaurants, taverns, cafés and bars that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

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Only 3 kilometers away from the cosmopolitan town of Afissos, and beyond Abovos beach, the road leads to the small fishing village of Lefokastro. This coastal settlement is built on a small verdant beach where trees and vegetation reach the water. Lefokastro is 34 kilometers away from Volos and it is suitable for a relaxing vacation.

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If your way leads you to the Centaurs Mountain then you must visit “The Balcony of Pelion” – as characterized by Eleftherios Venizelos – Makrinitsa. It is built almost vertically on a verdant slope of Pelion and it is only 11 kilometers away from Volos. It is a gorgeous vacation spot with abundant water and rich vegetation. It was a prominent main village of the area during Ottoman Greece as it was a flourishing commercial and tanning center; during the 18th century its population reached 4,500 residents, while Volos had just 3,500. It is a conglomerate of three neighborhoods built amphitheatrically, almost vertically, against the slope, connected through a stone-paved path.

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One of the most popular destinations of Pelion is Milies, 28 kilometers away from Volos to the southeast. This incredibly beautiful village is built on a densely vegetated slope of the Centaurs Mountain and its altitude varies from 250 meters, near the train station, to 450 meters at its highest point.

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Between the Pagasetic Gulf’s blue sea and the all-green slopes of mount Pelion, there is a unique vacation spot. Milina is a beautiful coastal village on the southern side of Pelion that has become a popular tourist destination. It stands between Argalasti and Lafkos villages, and it is 50 kilometers away from the city of Volos. Its name probably derives from the word mlin, Slavic for “windmill”.

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Pinakates, one of the most authentic villages of Pelion, is built 580 meters high with a stunning view over the Pagasetic gulf. It is located between busy Vizitsa and Aghios Georghios Nileias, and it is 25 kilometers away from Volos. Pinakates is less known compared to nearby villages, like Milies or Vizitsa, without, however, lacking in beauty. In fact, one could say that precisely this is the village's leverage; fewer visitors turn it into a real retreat for those who seek relaxation and wish to enjoy the peacefulness of Pelion’s landscape.

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Following a picturesque route amongst olive groves and fruit orchards, you will reach one of Pelion’s most famous fishing villages overlooking the Northern Sporades islands. Platanias, located at 60 kilometers northeast of Volos, is Promyri village’s seaport, and is also the biggest fishing preserve of Magnesia Prefecture. In the little port of the village one can see many kinds of fishing boats and yachts.

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If you go to magnetic Pelion you would regret not visiting the gorgeous village of Portaria. At a wonderful location with abundance of green and running water, perched on the northwestern slopes of Pelion, along with neighboring Makrinitsa, Portaria gazes at the Pagasetic Gulf. 600 meters high and only 13 kilometers away from Volos to the northeast, it is perhaps the most famous and touristic village of Pelion. Its natural beauty, short distance both from Pelion’s ski resort and the sea, but also its excellent touristic amenities for all tastes and all pockets turn it into the ultimate tourist destination, especially for the winter.

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Vizitsa is one of the best-preserved traditional villages in Pelion. It is built 500 meters high in a verdant spot between Milies and Pinakates and it is about 30 kilometers away from Volos. Its history will take you back to the 16th century, when rich Greeks from Egypt arrived and settled their new home. It has fairly been characterized outdoors museum of traditional architecture of Pelion as it has been declared a conservation area since 1980 through presidential decree.

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If you ever go to enthralling Pelion, then you must visit Zagora. 46 kilometers to the northeast of Pelion, 500 meters high overlooking the Aegean Sea it is one of the most appealing villages in Pelion. It was one of the greatest towns of Thessaly during the 17th and the 18th century thriving due to silk and textile industry, dye workshops, wood carving and trade. It is a conglomerate of four settlements: Aghia Paraskevi, Aghia Kiriaki, Aghios Georgios and Aghios Sotiras. Houses are surrounded by foliage and oftentimes water passes through their yards, coming from the running brooklets by the street.

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